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When was the last time your purchased something for your home that would pay for itself (in less than two years) and continue saving you money year after year!! Well a American Energy Stove will do just that!
We have TEN years of USING and SERVICING corn stoves!
Give us a call or stop in to see our corn stoves
in action, or  visit American Energy's site!
Need in home service your stove, we do it all!!!
We are located at 304 S 1st St, in Oregon IL.
Phone 815 732 6081
Don't forget the $1500.00 tax credit. Call for details. 815 732 6081.
Stop in and see our stoves, new and used!!
New door latch upgrade for American Energy
Countryside. Eliminates gaps, poor draft and
stripped threads. Comes as a kit or complete
With corn prices up people are steering away from using corn as a heat source.There are numerous charts and graphs on the web that show the cost compairasons of different fuels. American Energy's web site has one that is user friendly. 
Corn is still a cost effective heat source, especially with the $1500.00 tax credit.
Remember when was the last time you purchased something for your home that paid for its self in two to three years and continued to save you money each year.
 We have 1 used American Energy Country SideMulti Fuel Stove
 Call for pricing. 2/20/2012

 On this page we will try to provide tried and proven ideas for using corn stoves.

We have been using corn stoves for NINE (9) years. On this page we are expressing our opinon and suggestions.
We have been heating our house with two AES Countryside stoves. We also heat our store with a 
twenty five year old AES Countryside, and my son heats his home with one AES Countryside.
I can not begin to tell you how much money we have saved. We clean and service our stoves at the 
start of each season, do routine cleaning during the season and have had 9 years of freedom from
the gas companies. 
If you have any experiences with corn or pellet heat we would be interested in hearing from you.
Please refer to your manufactures manual for detailed operation of your particular stove.

Be sure that you service your stove BEFORE the heating season. We have many customers call us with problems that could have been eliminated if pre-season service had been done. Check your owners manual for service information.
Lube the room fan motor, chain, and exhaust motor twice each year.
Oyster shell is proven to eliminate clinkers in stoves that have stirrers.
If you still have clinkers you don't have enough oyster shells.
The clinker fire pot is becoming popular. Eliminates stirrer and oyster shells. 
Clean corn with moisture between 12 - 14 percent is ideal for continual trouble free operation.
A complete cleaning of you stove should be done each and every week.
Don' forget to clean your exhaust piping. Brushes are available.